September 03, 2012

Summer 2012 in review

Well, now that tomorrow is my grand return to work and routine, I suppose my summer is over.  And that's okay!  I'm ready for the change.  So here's what I accomplished from mid-June through today:

I moved into Mark's house and we're gradually working to meld our styles and make it our home.  It's been so much fun, but hard work as well.  I love it, and I love living with Mark.  (P.S. Our four cats are adjusting well too!)

A big road trip to Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  See our adventure:

Part 1: SD Badlands
Part 2: Boulder, CO
Part 3: Backpacking (the ascent)
Part 4: Backpacking (the campsite)
Part 5: Backpacking (the descent)
Part 6: Backpacking (the flowers)

Music festivals (River's Edge & Weekend at Harmony), camping, and a wedding.

We put in a craft room!  See our space and the organization we've done so far.

After a summer of applying and interviewing, I got a new job!

Biking.  My stamina definitely improved and we did some longer rides that I never would have contemplated trying in the past!

Plus crafts, cooking, dining out and so many other things I haven't had time to blog about yet!  I can't wait to share the rest of my summer over the next few weeks and get into autumn.  (And wish me luck for the new job I'm starting in just 12 hours!)

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