July 31, 2012

Road trip 2012, part 4: Backpacking (the campsite)

Once we got to the end of the trail, it was time to find a spot to camp.  The conditions were: 200+ feet from water (the requirements for having a campfire), a flat spot for the tent, and away from people.  Despite the fact that we only encountered three people on the hike up, there were two other camps set up by the lake when we got there.  Really, not so bad, but we wanted to have a little privacy. 

And we found a lovely spot!  It came complete with an established fire pit, flat area for the tent, and that view!  I mean, really, what is better than that?!

Once we got set up, we realized how chilly it was, so we got ready to start a fire.  I'd been collecting this stuff on our hike up:

Mark said Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild suggested it for a fire starter, so I filled my pockets with it as we hiked.  I was so proud of how much I gathered, but collecting wood proved much more challenging.  Turns out, we could have fires because there had been so much rain recently, so dry wood was tough to find.  Once we'd collected enough (which took a lot of effort because we would get so winded from the altitude) it started raining.  Seriously.  Rain and hail.  Not a lot, but enough to soak any wood we didn't cover with our bodies or put under the trees. 

Despite that, Mark started a fire.  I was so proud of him.  I nearly cried after it rained because I've never seen a fire start after that sort of weather, but he did it and it saved the evening.  It was cold and that was what we needed.  

The sun barely set by the time we were bundled up in our sleeping bags, ready to rest our cold, exhausted bodies.  We wanted to look at the stars, but our eyes barely allowed it, minus a mid-eve wake-up to (sorry for this) pee on a tree. 

And this was our morning site.  The sun coming over the mountains, reflecting oh-so-perfectly on the still lake. 

We ate some breakfast, and then were on our way!  Pictures of the hike down to come soon.

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  1. wow! that campsite is soooo good. this makes me long for another chance at camping.. beautiful! also.. i bet that air smelled really delicious