July 30, 2012

Glass hangers for house plant propagation

As if we didn't have enough houseplants already, I've been taking cuttings from a few and putting them in vases around the house.  Yes, I want the house to be a jungle.  Someday, maybe.  Anyways, there was an accident with one of the vases that resulted in two of Mark's carboys for brewing beer breaking, and the dollar vase from Goodwill being totally fine.  My solution: hang the cuttings. 

Two of the bottles I used were from American Science & Surplus in Milwaukee.  I picked them up on our road trip for something like, 50 cents a piece.  I wish I could find them on the site, but they don't seem to be available online.  

The other, the longest one, was from an oil lantern that I lost the main piece to.  

I wrapped them with wire and beads in various ways and voila!  Hanging propagation bottles for my cuttings. 

I'll likely make more if I find more bottles.  You could probably do something similar with other bottles or vases, but what I like about these is that they don't have flat bottoms and don't sit upright, so they need to be hung.  Each is different, and they look pretty in the bay window in our dining room.  I love looking at the roots as they grow.

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