July 24, 2012

Road trip 2012, part 2: Boulder, CO

After our night in the Badlands, we drove to Boulder, CO for a night in the mountains.  I had a few dear friends move there back in college, so I'd visited once, but not recently or long enough to know much about the town.  So, we explored, saw a few friends, and ate some delicious food.

First night in town, we walked up the creek to the downtown area for some dinner.  There were mushrooms!  Something severely lacking in out Badlands adventure.  I could not live somewhere without fungi. 

And yarn-bombing!  An entire tree!  It wasn't completely secured on the tree, but enough to make me smile when I saw it on the path. 

And then dinner at the Boulder Cafe- oysters followed up by shrimp enchilladas and trout with jalapeno corn cakes.  Yes, lots of seafood.  That seemed to be the theme of the trip- long days on the road with very few healthy pescaterian roadside options followed up by delicious, decadent fish and vegetarian dishes.

Then, one of my friends who used to live in Boulder came and met up with us for a little help navigating the bar scene in town.  It was so fun, and despite the time that has passed since we last saw each other, it was like we still eat lunch together in the student union every Tuesday.

The next morning we went discing with a view of the mountains.

Then we hiked in the mountains for a bit. 

After our day of hiking and further exploring of Boulder we went south to visit another friend.  We wound up back in Boulder for a lovely sushi dinner where I discovered a new favorite drink-an IZZE Hound: a twist on a greyhound with IZZE rather than regular grapefruit juice! Unfortunately, in the excitement of the evening, my camera went to the wayside, but it was a great night nonetheless!

More about the next leg of trip very soon!

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