September 03, 2012

Home meals of the week #21

Somehow, after the serious slacking on cooking earlier in the summer, I now have an excess of meals to blog about!  Since my next few weeks will be pretty intense (starting my new job and all), I'll be staggering some of those meals out. 

So, first this week, stuffed zucchini.  Since we were still dealing with our overabundance of these guys in the garden, we were getting creative with our meals.  This was stuffed with ricotta and herbs and topped with roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and breadcrumbs.  I liked it, but I didn't love it.  It would have been better with a mix of ricotta and a more melty cheese and probably smaller servings; it was a HUGE zucchini. 

Baked green beans and potatoes.  Simple but yummy.  We tossed everything in olive oil and added some herbs: rosemary, cayenne, oregano and then baked.

Gnocchi with roma tomatoes and basil.  This gnocchi looks a little darker than normally, so we must have gotten a different variety, but honestly, I don't remember.

And finally, one of the last big weekday breakfasts of my summer: french toast.  I love when we get baguette that gets hard before we eat it all with cheese or hummus because that means the best french toast!  I soak the bread in a mix of egg whites, soy milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon before frying it up.  I also like to roast some walnuts or pecans in the pan for a few minutes.  I top the toast off with the nuts, butter, and some honey and it's the best!

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