August 21, 2012

A big change!

I got a new job!

And yes, this is an old picture, and I'm in the bathroom. 
But I look like I accomplished something, and that's how I feel today.

Over the summer, after my AmeriCorps gig was over, I had some free time to move, go on vacation, settle into my new place, listen to some music, make a craft room, and be awesome, but it was getting old.  I was also on a job hunt: applying for jobs, going to interviews, not going to interviews, being offered jobs, turning down jobs, not getting jobs.  And when I wasn't on the job hunt or cleaning/unpacking/cooking , I felt super guilty being unproductive- like I wasn't deserving of downtime until I was gainfully employed. 

Well, last week I got a few messages from sort-of-bosses from my time in AmeriCorps.  They were hiring new teaching assistants, thanks to a grant, and wanted me to apply.  Long story short: applied, interviewed, got it! 

I'm pretty excited.  Last night I was laying in bed, thinking about how to write this post as someone still looking for a job, trying to remain optimistic.  I didn't expect today to be the day I got a job.  But it was, and now I feel like I deserve that downtime.  I only have a little summer vacation left, but it's going to be awesome.  I'm going to sleep in, craft like mad, cuddle with kitties, and blog whenever I want. 

Then, in September, it's time to shape the lives of twenty-something kindergarteners.  It's going to be an epic school year!

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