August 23, 2012

Thrift find: owl wall hanging

Last weekend we went to the social event of the town: an antique car show.  After our brief venture and a beer, we went into an antique shop that had stayed open late for the evening.  I haven't spent much time in the many shops downtown yet, despite them being a few blocks away.  I guess I miss my favorite thrifting spot in my old neighborhood. 

Anyways, we stopped at this new place and saw the best picture ever.  Owls, tree silhouette, olive green.  I'm so glad we snagged it because it's just perfect.

My favorite owl is the top one- he looks like my Dexter:

Eh, eh?  See the resemblance?  Big, spazzy eyes and pointy ears.  Anyways, I love this piece and seeing it on our wall.  Looks like I'll have to give these new antique shops a chance, even if they're not the one I used to frequent and love.  I can still go back and visit... just not every week.

1 comment:

  1. I do love that! It would go perfectly in our house. Owl crewel is rare to find in good condition!