April 03, 2012

Sunny Sunday.

We did a massive spring lawn cleanup on Sunday and it gave a lot of time to explore the yard and see what's there. A week ago, I took some pictures of the plants I'd noticed, but the difference since then is unbelievable, especially once dead leaves and twigs were raked and bagged for compost. Shoots were now recognizable plants- hostas, day lilies, chives.

Fern fronds everywhere!

And there's not much in the world I love more than ferns... except bleeding hearts! I was pleasantly surprised to see a nicely sized plant that already has blooms (I honestly can't remember ever seeing them flowering this early in the season).

I'm very excited to start weeding the garden beds and moving plants that have been long ignored. And we added ten bags of soil to our raised veggie bed, so we'll be ready to plant soon! What a spring!


  1. what a lovely little green moment! ferns are so magical.. great photos :)