March 25, 2012

Everything's gone green!

Up first, a major accomplishment:

We built our raised veggie garden bed! I really intended on getting pictures of the whole process, but I was working pretty hard, so that didn't happen.

Our bed is made from 2x6 boards cut into 4- and 6-foot pieces. The corners are mounted on 4x4s cut to 2 feet apiece. We secured the corners into the ground about 4 inches deep and left the tops in case we need to put up a small fence to protect our veggies from the bunnies. Digging up the old grass was pretty time consuming. Also, we underestimated how much dirt we'd need by like, 10 bags, but we still have plenty of time before we can plant our seedlings.

Perennials coming up:

Mushrooms on a disc golf outing this morning:

Rooftop view from dinner the other night:

The patio wasn't open yet, but the upstairs dining had a large door that was open so we had a view of the Basilica and a pleasant breeze.

My pansies! First flowers of the season. Resistant to frost and oh-so-lovely. I need to find out if the blossoms from this particular variety are edible.

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