March 26, 2012

Feathers and flowers

Lately, my mom has generously been trading me groceries and dinners for my crafts that she gives as gifts. (I like to think that she's doing it for my impeccable craftsmanship and creativity, rather than because of her fear that I can't afford groceries on my meager AmeriCorps living stipend.) I made her a few pins last month, but forgot to take pictures, and quite honestly can't even remember what fabric I used to make them. Here are several I made yesterday:

The flower was done with this tutorial I wrote several months back. I really love the versatility of the pattern!

The peacock feather was inspired by a project I was working on a few weeks ago, I just need someone (ahem, boyfriend, ahem) to take some pictures of me wearing said project... or perhaps I should just buy a tripod.

Ok, goodnight! Glad I was able to share a completed project for the first time in a while.