March 31, 2012

Birthday evening out

My birthday is happening on Monday. 27. I went out with a few good friends last night to celebrate. Our first stop was Suzi's in NE Mpls for some massive tiki-style drinks (seriously, our choice was a volcano full of dry ice and approximately 52 ounces of rum & pineapple yumminess... four of us split it), followed up by a karaoke bar down the street. I was hoping the weather would be nice enough for an evening on the patio next to the river, and while it wasn't too chilly, we opted to stay inside most of the night.

My friends are adorable.

Matty is one of my oldest friends. I think he's one of the most brave, kind, talented people I know. Seriously, rockstar hairdresser.

Others were out as well, but my camera wasn't, so I didn't quite get the whole night. I really appreciate having such wonderful people in my life and it was a great evening.

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