March 25, 2012

Home meals of the week #4

Nothing too fancy this week, but the weather has been gorgeous, so cooking wasn't my first priority. So here are some simple spring meals that I enjoyed in addition to the weather:

#1: Veggie egg white omelet.

Filled with avocado, feta, onions, carrots, and arugula. Toast with honey on the side. Mmmm!

#2: Spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce and a fruit smoothie.

Rice paper wraps with spinach, avocado, ginger, mint, lime juice, garlic, and habanero. I definitely recommend spring rolls as a great way to eat fresh, raw veggies and herbs. The avocado is a great "paste" to hold everything together. All you need to do is mix everything in a bowl and roll in the rice papers after they've been soaked in water. Yum!

The fruit smoothie was made with banana, pineapple, mango, and a dash of granola. I do not like banana (and that's an understatement) but it's an inexpensive nutritious filler in smoothies, and I almost don't taste it with the other ingredients.

Another bonus: eating outside on the stoop!

#3: Veggie sandwich.

Carrots, sprouts, arugula, cucumber, avocado, and onion on toast. I think it's fun to experiment with veggies you enjoy and toast the bread for a nice tasty sandwich.

#4: Rice and beans.

We sauteed onions and added them to vegetarian baked beans with corn. Served it over rice with steamed spinach and bread on the side.

What do you like to eat as spring begins?

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