April 05, 2012

Another night (or two) of celebration.

Well, I wound up with three nights of birthday stuff: one with the friends, one with my family, and the actual birthday evening with my lover. These pictures were from the actual birthday... we went to the conservatory (and zoo, but that part appeals less and less each year), to a patio for drinks, out to dinner, and then out for a few more drinks- all before 10pm.

Orchids. Tulips. Hibiscus. More orchids.

Me- wearing floral, surrounded by flowers.

Full view of the Sunken Garden.

We decided to try a new Thai place- only to find this sign on the door. Oh well, some other time.

So we went to a different new place- a Nepali and Tibetan restaurant I've lived near for years, but never tried. I had Matar Paneer- a green pea curry cooked with Paneer cheese and tofu in cream sauce. Oh my gosh. It was so incredible. I would eat it for every meal if I could.

Mark had the veggie Thukpa- the biggest, spiciest bowl of delicious noodle soup I've seen or tasted.

It was a great birthday and I'm so glad we found a new restaurant to frequent. I got a few presents too (including an iPad that my parents gave me a few weeks ago and tickets from Mark to an upcoming music festival), but really, I'm just happy to have spent the time with people I love. Awww... getting older feels pretty good.


  1. Dave and I would love to join you at the new restaurant, we LOVE Nepali food!! Sounds like you had a great birthday and birthday celebrations!

    P.S. I love your new layout!

    1. Sho, I would love to eat with you guys sometime very soon! I have another idea I'll FB you about asap.