April 01, 2012

Home meals of the week #5

We weren't terribly adventurous with our cooking this week and dined out a few times, but we managed to fit in a few yummy meals. Nothing new, but delicious nonetheless!

Bay scallops, rice and beans, and steamed spinach.

Sushi and spring rolls.

I'd say we're almost experts at home sushi now- check out the rolls... the rice is on the outside and we rolled them in sesame seeds!

This is the mix we used in the spring rolls:

Crab, arugula, sugar snap peas, habanero, cucumber, ginger, garlic, avocado, cilantro, basil. I think that was everything.

And more spring rolls for lunch today. Same ingredients, with pineapple on the side. We bought two big packs of spring roll wrappers a few weeks back, so it's a good thing we enjoy them so much- we're already through an entire pack! I love that we're eating a bunch of fresh, raw, flavorful ingredients every time.

This coming week may not involve too much cooking- I have two birthday dinners on my calendar, but hopefully we get a chance to check out some new recipes!


  1. YUM! that all looks so delicious.. i need to kick my butt into action and just make spring rolls.

    1. We have it down to a science- I chop while Mark mixes. Then I roll them while he soaks the wrappers. Seriously- a fifteen minute meal now!