April 15, 2012

March & April project progress + April/ May plans

What I wanted to accomplish in March/April:

1. God's eyes
2. Starting seeds
3. Granny square bag
4. Homemade vanilla extract
5. Felt projects

How did I do?


Made a bunch and completed a mobile- post to come soon!


Many seeds done- lots of veggies and some flowers. I've bought more to do at some point, but all the important stuff is ready to go outside when the weather is favorable!


The bag is done, but I have yet to figure out what to do for the straps, so, I'd say 80% completed.

4. Um, nope. I kept forgetting to look for vanilla beans at the grocery store, and when I finally did, they were very expensive. So, I ordered them online and hope I can do this soon.


Lots of felt peacock feathers... and I put them all over a dress and made a tutorial!

So, it was a pretty successful month and here's what I want to do in the next one:

1. First, homemade vanilla extract for sure!

2. Fabric mushroom topiary:

I love the little 3 dimensional mushroom stuff I've seen on Pinterest and Etsy, so I want to make my own!

3. Move perennials:

There are huge clumps of hostas and day lilies that need to be split and ferns that are growing in the grass and will inevitably be mowed if I don't move them.

4. Mini terrarium necklace:

How cute is that? I've ordered a pendant to put mine inside and I can't wait to make it!

5. More terrariums:

Yeah, I love terrariums...

I can't wait to get everything done!

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