April 17, 2012

God's eye mobile

So, once I finished all the God's eyes I've been making, I put them on a mobile for the porch. I love the bright colors!

I ran out of wooden dowels and the mobile was off-balance, so I added a flower from a sun-catcher kit and a little ceramic sun wall-hanging I had around. The colors of each were perfect and add something different.

I love the big eye I made for the top.

This was a good simple project to occupy my time for a few hours. No counting or piles of supplies- just yarn, dowels, scissors and some super glue to anchor some of the yarn joining the eyes together. I can't wait to sit on the porch this summer while the mobile spins in the breeze!


  1. !!!! this is amazing!! i love it so much! way to go karen :)

    1. Thanks much! It's just one tiny corner of the big porch I need to fill... I think I'm ok with that.