March 10, 2013

Thrift store fabric score!

I generally shy away from bundles of fabric at the thrift store; they're bagged up with a bunch of different prints and colors and I usually only want one out of the lot.  So, I skip on buying the whole bag for just one fabric (even though they're still cheaper than the craft store... but with the bags you never know how much you're getting or in what condition).  However, when I was thrifting a few weeks back, I couldn't resist this $4 bag of awesome cloth!

(The gray, yellow, orange, and olive floral print was actually a separate purchase, but within the same day, so I threw it into the pictures.  Oh, and the spotty stuff on the right isn't my thing, but I'm holding onto it for the time-being to see if inspiration strikes.)

I opened up the bag when I got home, and much to my excitement, found nearly ten yards of uncut, perfect fabric, some still with the original labels!  The fabric was old, but beautiful and some had incredible texture! 

I started lining up the fabrics to see what would go together and came up with a few combinations for whatever I decide to sew.  I like the orange with both of the prints below (but may make the argyle print into some cute high-waisted shorts). 

 The green print and the purple go together nicely.

And because I love this one so much, I still need to include it in the post.  I did buy it separately, but it's so awesome I can't wait to plan sewing something from it.  I'm thinking some pants... or something!  

So yay for buying my first grab bag of cloth at the thrift store!  I consider this purchase a major success and have already started sewing with some of it.  I've even bought another bag with similar success since!  Can't wait to show some of the projects that come out of a few dollars!