April 01, 2013

Little projects

I've been crafting like crazy lately, getting things ready for my first craft show!  Our house seems to be overtaken with my supplies... sewing machine on the table, piles of fabric across the living room floor, yarn everywhere. I will be a relieved when the show has come and gone, and I know I made things I genuinely liked.  Some of my favorite things to make are these little brooches and hair clips with flowers and embroidery. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Some are felt and beads, some have little crocheted flowers I whipped up.   It's nice being able to have variation between pieces by changing things slightly.

 Well, back to work.  I'm very excited and nervous about the show, so hoping it goes well!  (I may have had a nightmare that I didn't sell anything, so here's to hoping I sell at least one or two things!)


  1. yay!
    you are so cool.
    when // where is the show?

  2. Thanks lady! It's at North St. Paul High School a week from Saturday. I need, like, 2 more months to prepare!