March 09, 2013

Super easy DIY bobby pin saver

For years I've been dealing with a problem women all over the world struggle with:  where the heck did all my bobby pins go?!  It seems like I buy those huge packs a few times a year and then can't find any hair pins when I really need them.  I clean my house, expecting to hit a jackpot, but no such luck.  Where did all my bobby pins go??

I decided to figure out a solution with things I had around the house and am sharing what I came up with.  It's very easy and you may already have the supplies around your own home!

1.  First, gather your supplies:
     -A photo frame without the glass (mine was 8"x10", but smaller would work)
     -Fabric slightly larger than your frame
     -Magnetic tape
     -Multi-surface adhesive (I used Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive)

2.  Take your frame apart and cut your magnetic tape to fit the backing piece.  Double check that the piece will fit in the frame with this attached.  If not, cut it a little shorter.

3.  Cut more pieces of tape.  I used 6.

4.  Peel the backing from your tape and mount it on the backing.  If it doesn't stick well, use a little of your adhesive.

5.  Cut your fabric a little larger than your backing piece.  I left an inch of fabric on each edge.  Double check that the bobby pins stick with the fabric over the magnets.  If they don't, you may need thinner fabric or stronger magnets. 

6.  Wrap the fabric over the piece and glue on the back.

7.  Put your backing piece back in the frame.

8.  Hang and never spend your mornings looking for bobby pins again!

Hope this is an easy solution for others!  I'm pretty proud of this project and hope that it will be a while until I need to buy more bobby pins (I just have to remember to actually stick them up there!)  Good luck with this little project!

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