November 11, 2012

Granny bunting: take 2

So, we had a potluck last night and a bunch of people came, so I had to show off my craft room to our guests.  A friend who was there commented on my granny bunting and how she'd love to hang some in her home.  And boom!  Perfect Christmas gift idea! 

I got to work right away today, and I definitely love my results so far.  I used more standard yarn so the stitches are more defined.  Then I figured out how to edge the triangles with scallops, which really gives them a polished look. 

I can't wait to finish these and give them to my friend at Christmas.  I'm thinking of keeping the whole thing shorter- maybe only five pendants, so it's simple and hang-able in more spaces.  Then, I'll definitely be making more for our own house!

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