October 28, 2012

Granny bunting for my craft room

I've been intending to make granny bunting for, well, months and months, but the summer was so busy I only recently got to attack this project.  I followed this pattern very loosely.   I used a very thick fuzzy yarn, so it didn't work unless I added some chain stitches here and there.

I used three colors (they were unlabeled and from a garage sale): red, deep pink, and pale pink.  I have so much of this yarn, but realized I'm not very good at working with it, so I wanted to dip into my supply.  That was literally the only reason I choose this yarn and the colors.  The bunting is pretty, you just can't see much contrast between the colors and the individual stitches don't stand out very well.  

HOWEVER, I do think it turned out cute.  It's hanging in my craft room from the wall to the light fixture.  It adds some depth to the room, and I usually don't hang things from the ceiling area (mostly because I can't reach that high, even with a step stool. 

This was a fun, easy project to occupy some time.  I'd like to make another version with better yarn to hang in a more visible spot in the house.  


  1. this is so cute! i love the tassels at the ends.. tassels are the next big thing :) i think ceilings are often under utilized.. they can really make the space pop if decorated!