November 17, 2012

DIY t-shirt plant hanger

The kitties have been very naughty lately, chewing on and uprooting houseplants that we have sitting out everywhere.  Then they throw up, and nobody needs that.  I have a bunch of hemp and yarn hangers that I made in the past, but not enough to hold the plants that need to be up.  They're pretty time consuming to make, so I wanted to do something else to protect my plants and animals.  This project only took me about half an hour!

I found this tutorial on Pinterest and modified it to fit my needs.  Here's a simple rundown of what I did:

1.  Found an old t-shirt, mine was tie-dyed, men's size small.

2.  Cut horizontally across the torso region to make 6 inch wide loops.

3.  Cut the loops on one end so you have 6 fabric strips, each about 2 feet long.

4. Fold the strips in half and knot several inches below the fold to make a loop.

5.  Divide the strips into four groups of three.  Braid each of these groups about halfway.  Knot each braid.

6.  Split the braids.  Two strands will go left.  One will go right.

7.  Moving circularly from the top knot, tie sections of three a few inches down, combining half the pieces from two braids.  I know this sounds confusing, but looking at the photo here on the right shows the split braids Always move in a circle as you do this so the strands don't get tangled and confused.

8.  A  few inches below these knots, make one large knot combining all the strands.  Trim any uneven ends.  

Add your plant and hang!  My pot is 4 inches, pretty small, but this size seems perfect for the hanger.  A larger shirt would yield a larger hanger. 

Hope the directions and illustrations help anyone who'd like to try this simple DIY!


  1. this is awesome!! i have so many t-shirt scraps and houseplants and a cat who does the same as your little ones. Will be making some of these asap! great visual descriptions

    1. Yay! It was so much simpler than hemp/yarn hangers and free! Now my only problem is running out of sunny windows for plants to hang in... Somehow our houseplants seen to multiply exponentially..

    2. The illustrations made the instructions clear. I have a class of 28 primary school children. This will be one of my projects next term. Thank you

  2. I used walmart bags, what a wonderful blog thank you sooooo much!

  3. Fabulous idea!I think it is a great way to recycle old clothes and this plant hanger looks very practical.DIY plant hanger making tutorial.