November 24, 2012

A DIY Christmas: Framed floral art

Because money is tight and I like to give personal presents, I've recently started working on handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family, and this is one of the first items I've finished.  

I sewed the flowers with this technique  and secured them to the backing fabric.  (Since I haven't done much needle art, I don't know what the technical term for the cloth is.)  I got a nice chunk of the fabric at  thrift store in a craft bag with some small skeins of yarn for $3.  I cut the flower pot out of some leftover Halloween remnants and sewed it on.  Then I looked at the pattern for my cat wall hanging to help with some stitches for the stems and leaves.  The stems were a stem stitch and the leaves are detached chains.  Then I mounted the picture in a $2 frame from the thrift store.

I love how this project turned out!  It was simple to make and totally different from anything I've made before.  It was also a really fun project because I winged the whole thing and got to use my artistic eye to decide where stitches should go, rather then following a pattern, counting stitches, or measuring pieces.  I can't wait to give this to my friend for Christmas!