October 01, 2012

Accessorizing our craft room.

After I organized, it was time to decorate the room!  Almost nothing was purchased for this space- most things I already owned and some I refurbished, the rest were thrifted. 

The big picture in the middle was thrifted a few years ago for $2.50.  It's also identical to a picture hanging in the kitchen of the set of Malcolm in the Middle!  I noticed that during a marathon this past winter.  The framed leaves were maybe from Target, but I can't remember. 

I whittled down my button collection to make this heart on a fabric covered board.  I added a stack of movies, although, these will likely change depending on my mood. 
I repainted this little shelf with spray paint (it used to be navy) and put up some little knick-knacks.  I love this picture of the girl and her kitten; it says "Friendly thoughts keep hearts in touch."  39 cents!
This pincushion was my grandma's, along with the brown pitcher in the bottom right corner.  The little animals are from the antique mall.  I planned on putting them in a terrarium, but might leave them here for now.  Little craft bottles for whatever.  Oh, and the vase; it matches the tablecloth you'll see in a minute, so I had to add it to the arrangement.

Another shelf I repainted.  And yes, those are kittens having a tea party.  My mother knows me so well!

I wanted to add a few plants, so I put some clippings I'm trying to root in vases.  The hanging one is rosemary (smells great!) in a little glass bottle with tiny blue beads in the bottom.  The orange vases from Ikea are wrapped in hemp and beads.

The table cloth I'm using was $2 at the thrift store.  I really wanted something to put over the old plastic table top, and something that would be easy to clean if I accidentally splashed paint.  As much as I used giggle at my grandma's old vinyl cloths, I knew that's what I needed.  I really lucked out when I found this one- the print is perfect!

So there's the craft room!  There are a few other details I wasn't able to get good pictures of or have since added, but this is most of it!  I hope it gives people some ideas for how to decorate and arrange their own space on a budget!  I learned that it may take time to create a new space, and it may not be perfect right away, but that's alright!  I mean, I might as well use the craft room to create things for that space!