September 28, 2012

Etsy Weekly Wants #6: Bluegrass Festival

I have been terrible about posting lately- blame it on work, extra work, camping, and my new sewing machine!  But here's one for now (probably the only time I'll be posting this weekend because...)...

We're going to be at a bluegrass festival this weekend and the weather will be lovely!  Here are a few of my favorite bluegrass-themed Etsy items:

This epic patchwork dress by FamilyOfLightDesigns.  It's already sold, but I love it too much to not include it in this post!  Great detail and beautiful work; I'd totally wear it this weekend. And to every festival!

Mandolin print by ashleysilvernell.  I bought my dad a pick case with the same print on it, and he really liked it.

A mandolin brooch from VintageDiehls.  Something miniature that I naturally love!  A little detil to wear on a cardigan while sipping beer and listening to some sweet tunes.

Another print from itoaillustrations- this one is an owl with a banjo!

Bluegrass instrument magnets by SweetWaterSprings.  I'd definitely put these on my fridge!

Well, off to finish the day and then we'll be gone!  I'm hoping to miraculously fight off this illness I've had for a week now because it's going to be a perfect weekend for camping, music, friends, and maybe even a little whiskey.  ;)

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