September 21, 2012

Etsy Weekly Wants #5: Autumn Camping

We're leaving for one of our last camping trips of the season after work today. It makes me sad, but it's also getting chilly pretty quickly, so I'll be more than happy to stay in the house this winter curled up under a blanket. After a summer of HOT camping, I forget what it's like to be in the woods in the autumn, so I'm under-prepared... and under-dressed. 

Here are some things I'd love to have in the forest when it's cooler out: 

A poncho! I'd love a soft, comfy knitted one to wear for hiking or sitting around the fire. This one by Mychicaccessories looks cozy and comfy for a camping trip!

A Thermos for early morning hikes and coffee. Sitting in the woods with a big cup of warm coffee sounds perfect! This one is from vintageretros. Plus, those metal camping mugs aren't exactly functional; I seem to burn myself every time I use them!

I really like this wool blanket from aneedleinthehay. It looks warm, comfortable, and good for spreading out on the ground while drinking that hot coffee!

A camera case by janinekingdesigns. Because who needs to lug around a whole purse while hiking? Not me! BTW, I love owls.

Travel Scrabble!! I'm a Scrabble fanatic, so sometimes it's hard to get people to play with me... but if it rains and you're stuck in a tent, this is perfect! Hours of fun (at least in my opinion). This one's from LaneEndVintage.

Alright, off to finish my last hours of work, and then away for the weekend! 

PS It's the last day of summer today!

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