September 14, 2012

Etsy Weekly Wants #4: Home Brewing

We brew beer at home (and by "we" I mean I sit on the porch with Mark while he rocks the propane stove and I occasionally stir).  I love the beer we make and have been looking at some different things that reflect this. 

First, I love this print by SHarperDesign.  I think it's cool and simple and really like the stylized hops (& the roots & the trees & the mountains!). I think it would be a great addition to our wall art, but must resist since I have a stack of prints that need to be framed and hung before buying more. 

I've been trying to think of a way to organize and save the bottles we have for our beer.  And we have a lot.  I hate using old six-packs from beer we've purchased because I think it's confusing and the cardboard doesn't wear well.  I've been eying and researching alternatives for storage all around the webz and this is what I've found:

This one from CRAP is great- recycled malt bags and super affordable (we'd need a lot of these six-packs for storage).  

I've also found this one by timogiles.  It's totally different from the other one, but still really practical and sleek.  Maybe I'll splurge on one (or both!) of these someday!

I really like this subtle beer tribute in jewelry form by feralstrumpet: it has a hops pendant and beads in a beer-flight style bead pattern.  Love it!

And lastly, what's beer without a way to serve it!  I love handles, so I usually drink my beer out of a coffee mug (since most beer steins are too heavy).  I love this vintage mustard colored mug from HighPointFarm201.  It has a unique image and seems more appropriate for beer than my mugs. 

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