September 13, 2012

Cat dentistry

Well, Mr. Jake went to the vet today for some much-needed dental attention. 

 (Clearly unimpressed, and also has a transparent head?!)

Mark has had him for years, and I think as his stinky breath got worse, Mark's nose just adapted.  Now that I've known Jake for almost a year but still can barely sit on a couch with him, we decided it was time to figure out what was up.  He went in last week for the check-up and the vet suggested an intense cleaning and maybe pulling some teeth. 

He went in today for his big appointment.  All four canines- gone.  And as you can see above, they were quite impressive.  All together the vet pulled 8 teeth. 

He's pretty drugged up now, and we're going to have to make some dietary changes to accommodate his less-toothy grin/ prevent him from needing more taken out, BUT... I think he's going to be much happier now.  Plus, now I can cuddle with him and his breath won't force me to move him away.  (Seriously, I'm a cat person, but it was that bad!)

So, goodbye lovely grin, and hello much happier and healthier old man cat!

(I realize this picture makes him look crazed, but it was too funny to pass up!)

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