September 15, 2012

Home-dried Thai chili peppers

Recently we went to the Hmong market near our house for some produce.  We weren't sure what we were looking for (aside from some basil), but found a huge cup full of Thai chili peppers for $5.  They're less spicy than a habanero (which we usually use for cooking) but hotter than a jalapeno, serrano, or cayenne.  Since we couldn't use them quickly enough fresh, we decided to dry them. 

I tied them with string and hung them on the porch.  This picture shows just a few of the peppers; the string was about 5 feet long, plus a few added strings hanging down- probably around 100 peppers altogether. 

We left the string hanging for a month to be safe, and the dry weather we've had the summer helped speed the process.  The peppers slowly shriveled and lost their tenderness.  After we thought they seemed ready I took the string down and popped the peppers off their stems.

We put most in a jar for later.

We took the ones Mark's holding in the bowl and ground them with a mortar and pestle for cooking. It's like homemade crushed red pepper... but better!  And spicier!

I can't wait to use these peppers in our cooking!   


  1. woah! these are the chilis we grew in our community garden plot this summer, and i had no idea what they actually were! loooooove the flavor of them crushed, I did a bunch in our food processor (woah it gets **nose burning fragrant***) and they have such good flavor! glad i finally know their name!

    1. They are so good! We finished off the little of ground pepper last night. I'd like to use the food processor or coffee grinder for the next batch. I'm just afraid it won't wash out well and we'll be drinking and eating spicy everything (which is ok, just not with cookies and coffee)!