August 27, 2012

Home meals of the week #20

And another successful week!

First, a noodle soup.  I simmered onion, mushrooms, tomato, ginger, garlic, basil, lemongrass, thai peppers, and oregano for a few hours to make a very flavorful veggie broth.  I strained everything out (nothing was really edible after cooking that long anyways), cooled it down, and added a few tablespoons of coconut milk.  Then later, we heated it up again with some rice noodles.  We chopped up fresh onions and mushrooms and put them in our bowls.  Then we poured the broth and noodles over so the veggies were warmed, but still fresh.  I was pretty proud of this meal.  It was simple, but extremely flavorful, and we both loved it!!

Salad.  I love big salads.  This one had greens, sprouts, blue cheese, onion, and cucumbers tossed with a chickpea/basil mixture that was originally going to be hummus, but we overfilled the food processor.

Mahi mahi with zucchini chips from our garden.  Some of the best fish I've ever had!

This was a variation of the zucchini we've been making so frequently.  This time we tried it with zucchini cut thinly to replace the noodles.  We actually used noodles for the first layer because we literally had two left.  Then we continued the other layers with the zucchini.  It was delicious!  It held together really well, and tasted great.  I'd definitely do it again when we have a surplus from our garden or recommend it to anyone else who wants to skip the noodles.  

So, another good week and hopefully not the last week of meals from our garden!

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