August 31, 2012

Etsy Weekly Wants #3: Back To School

Well, it's my last weekend of freedom before I get back to work on Tuesday, so, naturally I'm thinking about back-to-school supplies for adults!

Up first, a new lanyard for my ID, perhaps?  I have a beaded one, but it tends to pinch, so something softer is on my list.  I like these by Heart2Handbags.  They use really great fabrics and have breakaway velcro behind the neck.  I think the fall colors chevron might be just right.

Next, a backpack.  I don't usually carry purses to work, but need something to put my daily supplies in.  I love love love this colorful backpack by Ottobags.

I carry a lunch bag so I can bring my food in reusable containers.  I really like this one, made from vintage fabric by  MontclairMade.

Travel mugs for my daily coffee.  Enough said.  This one by yevgenia has great painted daisy details.

And up last, a storage basket for my teacher-ish stuff.  For journals, supplies, and anything else I need to keep organized so it doesn't just pile up on a shelf.  Here's one by BaffinBags with an elephant print:

Have a great weekend and maybe I'll be posting, but mostly just relaxing and going to the MN State Fair!

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