August 26, 2012

Feather bottle earrings

Recently I  bought a bunch of little bottles at the craft store and have been trying to think of nifty ways to incorporate them into jewelry.  First, I made a little mushroom pendant.  Then I wrapped up two matching bottles for a set of earrings.  I wanted to add something small inside, so I searched bead stores and antique shops, but nothing was tiny enough. 

So, feathers!  I had a bunch in a bag, so I trimmed a few to fit in the bottles.  I trimmed, and trimmed, and trimmed the feathers until they were small enough. 

Although they're not waterproof (I'd know, I forgot to take the mushroom pendant off in the shower), they're definitely more durable than other feather earrings.  Perfect for the end of festival season!

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