May 16, 2012

Mushroom bottle necklace

So, we were at the craft store the other week and Mark found a package of nine little bottles that are perfect for pendants and other jewelry projects.  I decided to make this little one first... in the smallest bottle.  It seriously took a few hours to make, but I really love how it turned out after many attempts and many mushrooms that were too large for the bottle.  

I made the moss with felt that I shredded and stitched back together with thread so it would look grassy up close.  The mushroom stem is a wooden bead and the cap is felt and seed beads.  After that was done, I wrapped the top with wire and put it on some green hemp. 


I love the way it turned out and love wearing it just as much.  Now I need to pick some projects for the remaining eight bottles!  I'm thinking there's a least one pair of earrings to be made...

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