May 14, 2012

Home meals of the week #11

Not a terribly productive week of cooking, but here's the best of it!

Angel hair pasta with red onions, mushrooms, olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil. 

Tofu potato curry over rice with avocado and bread on the side.  Mark made a HUGE batch of curry this week and we've been eating it in a variety of dishes.  It was very spicy so the avocado and bread were a good neutralizer to the heat.  Another day I toasted tortillas on the stove with a bit of butter and rosemary and it was pretty close to the naan that we get at Indian/Nepali restaurants!

And finally- our May Day picnic!

The May Day Parade and Festival was postponed due to weather, so we got to go yesterday.  We brought half a loaf of french bread, apricots, olives, and a few kinds of brie.  It was so yummy and a great snack to eat at the end of the parade route while we watched floats roll into the park.  (PS- the bread was not moldy, it just looks like it from the lighting.)

And coming next week... more outdoor dining!


  1. we were at the parade on sunday, too!
    we sat on the bridge right above the greenway.