May 13, 2012

A (finally!) spring-ish Saturday

We woke up early yesterday.  Mark brewed beer and I investigated how my plants are doing so far.  The pansies have recovered from a rough start and are full of blossoms and buds!  My other flower seeds are sprouting and I can't wait to get them into the gardens and pots.

After breakfast and a bike ride we went to Craftstravaganza at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and I ran into my dear friend, Diana, who blogs over at :dianapantz:!

My haul:

I wish I'd done better at remembering where I got what, but I grabbed so many business cards for vendors' websites and Etsy stores I wanted to check out, that I can't figure out where I got each item.

1. Amy Jo: cute cat print on wood.    2. Little flower hair clip.    3. Felt owl pin.    4. Squirrel pin- I got to make this myself at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts!  They had books and magazines that you could cut a picture from and make your old little free button (although I did feel guilty cutting up an old Disney storybook).    5. Burlesque of NA:  fruit and veggie print.  I have several prints from them, and generally love the stuff they make, and this will be perfect in our kitchen!

I saw so much stuff I would have loved to buy, but stayed way under my budget and waited till I saw everything before I spent any money.  I also got inspiration for things I can make on my own with supplies I already have!  After we were crafted out, we went for a walk, beers, and snacks.

Yummy cheese plate outside at one of our favorite restaurants and chalk art by us. 

What a great way to spend a Saturday and I'm sure we'll have many more like it this summer!


  1. i love that you bought that fruit and veggie print ; i looked at that, too!
    we bought another large adam turman print [LOVE his stuff]

    sp much fun hugging you, karen!

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