June 03, 2012

NSP garage sale-ing.

We hit up the town garage sales for a few hours yesterday.  I had some serious delusions about what was going to go down: I imagined pseudo-suburban sales where people were selling piles awesome old vintage decor.  And since it's not directly in the city, I was going to be the only hip, young person out looking to find these hidden gems!

Well... not so much.  We walked to a bunch of sales in the neighborhood that were decent.  I didn't find any macrame owl wall hangings, or mushroom salt and pepper shakers, or floral printed tin kitchen canisters, or kitten portraits... but I did find books!  Piles of books, mostly children's, but a few totally for me.

Bambi Grows Up, Corduroy, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dumbo, Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Curious George Goes to the Zoo, The Kissing Hand, & Goodnight Moon.

Around $4.75 for the whole pile!

Working in a classroom for the last three years has renewed my interest in children's literature and classic illustration.  It's harder for me to find newer books that I like-  if the story is great but I don't like the art, I don't like the book.  So these books, mostly older classics, were just my style.  Plus, I got them for 12.5 cents (seriously!) up to a dollar each! The more expensive ones were hardcovers in near perfect condition from a woman who seemed to be struggling with the fact she didn't need them anymore. 

Oh, and no, this is not an announcement of any child entering my life anytime soon.  I just decided that a small collection of books I love can't hurt.  It may also be my way of dealing with the end of my classroom job in one week...

Books for me!

Now I have the old copies of LOTR to go with The Hobbit!  Plus, you cannot go wrong with George Orwell.  50 cents a piece: $2.50 total.

Other, non-book purchases:

Cool candle  holder with great colors. 25 cents.

Lion Brand yarn for a quarter.

Awesome geometric necklace!  It was two dollars (a little out of my budget), but I'm totally gonna rock it!

Have you started garage sale-ing this year?  Do you plan to?  What treasures do you want to find in other people's trash?


  1. oooo i LOVE hunting the thrift's here for children's books.. the older the better! you found some good ones for sure :) i like how you displayed interesting images from them in the grid. smart!

  2. hahah karen ; $2!!!
    this is why we are friends.
    a while back, i scolded blake for spending $3 on a game at goodwill ;)