May 31, 2012

April & May project progress + June plans

What I wanted to accomplish in April/May:

1. Homemade vanilla extract
2. Fabric mushroom topiary
3. Move perennials
4. Mini terrarium necklace
5. More terrariums

How did I do?

1.  Done and done! 

This is a picture from right after I made it, now it's super dark now- I need to get a picture of it and it hopefully find some cute little bottles to give it to friends and family.

2.  Mmmm... sort of.  I made several mushrooms, but didn't really like the way they turned out.  Then I threw them at cats, hoping they'd play with them since they seemed fascinated in what I was doing, but after that they lost interest.  I kept one for a pincushion, but it doesn't work too well, as the needles keep getting lost inside.  Oh well!  I will probably try again at some other point.

3.  Ferns have been moved to under the evergreens.  Some died, some survived.  Now I may try to pull away the creeping charlie, till the soil, and move a few bigger, hardier plants.  After that I'll probably move  on to the hostas and day lilies.  

4.  Yes!  This took some time, but I love the result and I want to make more with the rest of my bottles soon.


I made another terrarium, but it's had to be redone once.  The first time there was too much water sitting around the rocks in the bottom, so it started to grow algae and the moss was too dry so it died.  I replanted the whole thing.  I think the key will be to mist the surface with a spray bottle to keep the water where I need it. 

And here's what I want to do in June:

1. Pack, pack, and move!

Yes, the last day in my apartment is June 30th and then I'll be living with Mark.  I'm totally excited, but moving is rough, and even though I've been moving a few things here and there, I still have a lot to go through before I'm done.

2. Make a color sketch of what I might do with my tattoo.

Now that I think the black is the way I want it, I'm itching to add color.  I've been contemplating it for some time and think that it's what I want to do.  So, even if I can't do it for a while, at least I'll be ready for when I want to change it up.

3.  Decorate the porch!

I've added a few things so far.  It's a great hang-out space, but it's also so huge that I don't know what to do with it.  Mark added a hammock.  <3 <3 <3  So perfect!

This is porch-related, but I really want to make this bunting.  When I started making granny squares, I wrote that I wanted to make a prayer-flag style granny square hanging, and later decided that I didn't really like it, but this pattern may be perfect!  I've also seen other more sewn bunting, so I may just make a whole bunch of varieties!  Like I said, it's a huge porch to fill!

5.  Decorate an old pair of plugs.  If you search on Etsy for decorative plugs, you're sure to find some plastic pairs that have a flower or something mounted to the front of the plug.  Well, I have loads of plastic earrings lying around, so I figure with the right glue and flower (or whatever I can find!) I'll be able to make some new, cute gauged pieces for pretty cheap!

I hope I complete these goals- the weather makes it hard to stay indoors... but I'm ok with that!

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