June 10, 2012

Furniture rehab: wicker plant stand

Now that I'm moving, I've been trying to choose what furniture comes with me to the house.   There are a few un-salvageable items, like my parents' old couch that's been moved between houses and apartments over and over for the last 20-some years, but a few things I want to fix and continue to use because they're practical and not beyond repair.

So, up first, this:

A wicker and wire plant stand.  My mom picked it up for me a few years ago at a garage sale, but between the cats and whatever else, the wicker is pretty much done for (the sea foam green paint job isn't my favorite either).  

So, first I cut off the wicker.  It was a bit messy and time-consuming.  I found this tray at JoAnn Fabric's for a few dollars.  The intention was to turn it upside down and use it as the top of the table, but it wasn't quite big enough, so I decided to leave it upright.  Plus you can still see the pretty design inside!


 Next, I spray painted each with bright lime/olive-ish green color. 

Then I cut some fabric I had lying around into 1/2" wide strips and sewed the ends together so I had one long piece.  Then I wove around the original wiring.  I had to add a few extra strips of fabric vertically on the sides, where there weren't any wire warps to weave over.  (Forgive my terminology, I'm not exactly up on my weaving language.)  This is what it looked like as I worked:

And here's how it looked after the weaving:

The fabric doesn't technically match the paint at all, but I think they work alright together.  I was too darn impatient to go to the fabric store and then start weaving, so I just grabbed what fabric I had the most of (although it was only slightly larger than a quarter yard, it was the perfect amount for this!).

With the tray:

Now it sits on the porch with a plant on top!  Plus, the tray sits just slightly inside the wire, so it's pretty secure, but I can still take it off to clean it out if need be, and then the taut fabric works as a little table!

Perfect starter project as I move my furniture over to the house.  I have more ambitious plans on my list, and one that I will need to be much more intentional about, rather than just doing whatever I want, so I hope they turn out as well, or better, than this!


  1. That came out really wonderful. I especially love that green color!

    1. It's rather bright, but I like it! Especially on our grey, cement block porch!

  2. Wow this looks great! A total renovation and I love it. I need a couple of stands like this for our home. I'll have to keep looking out.

    1. Thanks so much! I have a bunch of little tables. Good thing they're so useful! ;)