June 09, 2012

A three-year journey comes to an end.

Well, yesterday was my last day of tutoring.  After three years, I feel like it's an appropriate time for closure... sad nonetheless.  Since my position is AmeriCorps funded, I'd have the option to continue for one more year, but at this point I feel ready for more stability and open to new opportunities.

Spending my last day with students was incredibly bittersweet.  In the past, the last day of school has been a celebration, with the anticipation for the next school year and new students.  This coming fall, I won't be meeting another group of children, embarking on their first school experience, full of excitement and fear of the unknown.

Alright, enough emotion for the moment.  Here's a summary of the last day (sans students... I could get in major legal trouble if I posted any of the mind-blowingly beautiful pictures I took of all my little darlings):

 Playground souvenirs.

Jewelry from a student and my classroom teacher.

The teaching assistant I work with has a fantastic husband who does glass lampwork and he made this tree.  There's almost nothing I love more than tree jewelry- and this one has apples, fitting for a teacher!

Child-created card artwork.


The cards make me pretty emotional, but this next one is definitely smile-worthy!  One of my students happened to attend a Weezer show I was also at this past summer and we wound up having regular conversations about the band.

"Ms. Karen!  My dad made me the Blue Album and I listened to it alllllll night!"

I pack up the classroom on Monday, and then it's all up in the air!  Hoping for another opportunity to work with kids, or maybe something more along the "professional" line, but, realistically, anything is better than nothing!

So, this is it.  Joining AmeriCorps was the best decision of my life and I will always be grateful for the experiences and relationships that resulted from it.  Thank you everyone who made it possible!

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