June 27, 2012

Crocheted hip bag

A few weeks back at Bella Fiore I visited the booth of a vendor selling leather waist packs.  I'd seen people wearing them at festivals in the past, and I was super excited to see somewhere to buy one.  Well... that lasted until I found out they were $130 and up.  Then I saw this great felted peacock feather waist bag at another booth for half the price, but when I decided I wanted to splurge for it, another girl had already bought it.  I got home, surfed the web and bit, and (long story short) decided to try to just make my own with things I already had!

The belt and pockets were mostly made with a 25 cent skein of yarn I got garage sale-ing, accented with another yarn I already had, buttons, and felt/bead peacock feathers.

The main pocket is big (wallet-sized) and has a large feather on the front.  Perfect for carrying around money, an ID, etc.

I also put on two smaller pockets: one that would fit a camera and another for lip balm or something else small.  The whole thing ties on with longer crocheted pieces.

I can't wait to wear this to our next festival this summer!  It's practical, cute, and didn't cost me $130 to make!  Depending how the initial wearing goes, I'd like to make more similar bags to sell.  What do you think?  Would you wear a crocheted hip bag?


  1. Super cute Karen! I def. think you can pull it off...no questions! Plus, I love you skirt!

  2. Ohhh This is gorgeous...:))I like your crochet bag too much and I will make one for me... Very good idea...:)))
    All best wishes...


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