May 03, 2012

Afternoon tea

This past weekend, my mom and I went to an afternoon tea, and the proceeds went to countries with clean water supply shortages.  We had a nice little three-course meal with lots of tea.  (I'm not sure if the organizers realized how counterproductive that felt... drinking loads of tea, made from water...)  Anyways, it was a nice afternoon.

We got to pick our own tea cups from a table full of beautiful vintage china. Mine had primroses and gold edging.

And, oh, the food!  Several kinds of scones with different spread-ables,  little appetizers (I ate open-faced cucumber sandwiches, as everything else had meat), and a dessert course.

It was a super relaxing way to spend an rainy afternoon with my mom, and it was for a good cause! (And we followed it up with a successful trip to the thrift store, so, all in all, a pretty good day!)


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