May 05, 2012

DIY Mother's Day flower pot card

Every year I make these cute flower pot Mother's Day cards with my students, and I adore how they turn out, so I thought I'd share how we make them!

Materials you need:
Construction paper
Yarn or embroidery thread
Picture of child
(*UPDATE* Printable template available here.)

I cut the flowers differently every year- once with a die-cut, another time by hand (4 flowers/ student x 40 students= major time suck!), and this year with a scrap-booking punch.

I love seeing this part with kids' handwriting- very cute!

**You can use tape or staples instead of glue for a faster process.  When I made these with my class this past week I used staples to attach the string to the pot and close the sides of the pot.  I used tape to attach the flowers and string together.  No mess and no dry time so we could send them home with the kids an hour later! **

Put the flowers in the pot "envelope" so mom can pull them out.

And your card is ready!  Cute, unique, and interactive.  I love making these with my students!  They take some time and require some (well, a lot of) adult assistance, but are very cute when completed!

If you didn't catch my link and the top, I've put together a printable template on a new post, with ideas for using to make this project super easy!


  1. Aww! This is such a cute card idea! Thanks so much for showing me! :-)

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I'll be trying out your crocheted one soon!

  2. Looks like a great idea. A question - what did you use to attach the yarn/thread together? It's difficult to tell. Thanks!

    1. I just used tacky glue to attach the yarn to my flowers and flower pot! Elmer's glue works too, you just need a thick coat and enough drying time! Hope this works for you!

  3. Great idea! My 2 1/2 year old and I made these for my wife and my mother. We made some slight modifications, and the glue is still drying so I can't tell you how well they worked.. haha.. But we added an extra flower, and now they read "I Love You Mom" and "I Love You Grandma" plus my son's picture. Also, at the end of the yarn where it attaches to the pot I tied a knot, with hope that the glue will hold it even better. I also tied a small loop at the other end of the yarn to make it easier to pull, plus get a spot that it can be hung on the wall from. Thanks for the idea! I'm sure that my wife and mother will love them!

  4. I made this for my Mum and it looks great! It's really simple and easy to do and it doesn't take long at all. It's the best sort of Mothers Day Card you can get, personal, quick, easy and it looks great!
    I was really impressed and happy with how this turned out. Thanks so much! :)

  5. Best idea...You made this perfect Karen. Handmade gifts are always make happy to someone and this is for mom. I'll gift my mom this gift on this mother's day... Thank you for Post.!!

  6. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. If you use acid-free paper instead of construction paper, it will last much longer if mom wants to save it.

    1. Fabulous idea! Thanks for the advice!