February 24, 2013

A weekend project

Oh, I must be just about the worst blogger ever. It's been, what... a month or so? Well, in my defense, my computer is on it's way out and I haven't been able to edit photos at all. Hoping to remedy the situation soon though!

In the meantime, I've done many projects that I hope to show soon. Here's what I made this weekend:

(Forgive the iPad at night picture quality)

Wrist warmers with flowers to get me through the last of winter!  I bought the green yarn for a project I was working on, but it wasn't the right color (serves me right for not saving my yarn labels).   I loved the color and super soft texture, so I kept it for other projects.  I made up this pattern as I went, but I think I remember it well enough to make another similar project again soon.  The flowers were made from scraps of yarn and buttons lying around.  A cozy, simple, comfy weekend project.  I can't wait to wear these out soon!  

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