January 10, 2013

More life and cats

It seems that the recent trend in my life has been crafting incessantly, working occasionally, and blogging never.  I made Christmas gifts for family, a stuffed animal for a co-worker's child, plus a few personal projects, yet photo editing and writing have been low on my list of priorities.  I suppose I'll get there soon...

In the meantime, another entry about cats.  This time, Miles: handsome, beautiful Miles got a haircut.  About a year ago, before I moved in with Mark and his cats, I groomed Miles to perfection: got rid of knots, dreads, and otherwise unattractive hairy situations.  Then, this summer, after I moved into the house with my own cats, Miles seemed to become, well... depressed.  He quit grooming, started whining, and developed a drinking habit (water, that is... a serious preoccupation with water from the faucet). 

He's since been to the vet who suggested a grooming.  (I'd tried to comb out the knots, but even with my expensive, well-made brush, wasn't making much progress.)  So Mark took him for a lion cut. 


Honestly, he looks totally ridiculous, cute, and fragile.  I'm practically afraid to pick him up now.  BUT, on the plus side of things, his fur will grow back and we're hoping he'll keep up the maintenance (with our help) to be a happy, comfortable, handsome kitty. 

The other cats seem interested in his new look (and probably the smell of the groomer's that's lingering).

He also wasn't too interested in posing until I played with him, but these pictures are priceless.  I'm sure his fur will grow back before I even know it, so I have to capture this pictures while I can!

And soon, posts of awesome craft projects... I hope!

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