December 17, 2012

Life and cats lately

I've been so busy lately I'm going to post pictures of cats that I didn't even take.  Tonight (right now!) is my final class period of the semester, and I've been slaving over Christmas gifts without time to even post a few pictures of my projects.  Mark got a new fancy camera and cats were (naturally) what he wound up practicing his photography skills on.

Here are a few shots, one of each cat:

Jake looking slightly annoyed with being photographed.

 Miles seriously milking his good looks.

I swear, Dexter is the cutest of them all, yet the least photogenic.  We'll need to practice with him. 

And Jack.  Probably the most photographed of them all.  He lives for the camera.  

So that's all for now.  In a few days, when all the holiday insanity is over, I hope to be back to semi-regular posting.  I have some major projects to show off once all the gifts have been distributed and they're safe to be seen on the internet!

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