August 12, 2012

Mushroom yard

I was outside the other day, trimming hedges so the sidewalk in front of the house would be walkable for our neighbors, and noticed some cute things around the yard.  It had been so hot most of the summer, that outdoor exploring time has been pretty limited.  Now that it's been cooler, I feel like I can leisurely stroll around and discover those little details.

When I looked down in the grass, I realized there were mushrooms everywhere!

I started picking them since the lawn mowing company was coming the next day, and then they'd all be smushed.  

I like the red and white ones best, but they'd crumble apart really easily when I'd try to pull them out of the ground.

Some were so tiny you can barely see them in the pictures.

It (finally!) rained today, so I'm hoping that means a fresh batch of mushrooms will be popping up this week!

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