July 01, 2012

Little home improvements

We went to the farmers' marker twice this weekend (more on that later), but today we went for produce and flowers for the yard.  There's this old raised garden bed made of treated wood with partial sunlight in the backyard- not ideal for veggies.  The neighbor was eyeing the weeds that seemed to be multiplying each day, so we used this as a simple spot for yard beautification.

We bought ten small perennials- a bargain at the market for $19!  Those big garden centers sell you bigger plants for $6, $7+, but it doesn't really matter since perennials can grow quite a bit if you're patient enough!

Here's a list of what we got: two delphiniums, poppy, sedum, columbine, lupine, balloon flower, astilbe, coral bells, and hollyhock.  Whew, I remembered it all!


Anyways, we weeded the garden bed and tilled it with a bag of perlite to loosen up the hard soil.  I planted everything and put a bag of cypress mulch around it all to hopefully keep out the weeds.  I put the plants that should be the tallest in the middle and the others around the edges and corners.

I love how it turned out and it got me really excited to continue working on the yard this summer and for many to come!

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