July 02, 2012

Home meals of the week #16 & #17

Finally, a decent amount of meals to show!  I'd say living with Mark is definitely going to improve my eating- both health- and quality-wise.  To be fair this is two whole weeks-worth of food.

Week one:

Salmon with garlic and green and red onions.  Corn on the side.

A random mish-mash of what we had in the fridge, the cupboard, and from the garden.  Bread, hummus, crackers, cucumbers, homemade salsa, and three kinds of cheese.  Simple, no cooking required, and delicious!

Salad with veggies from the garden!

This next week featured a lot of pasta and plates of stackable tapas-style meals.

Up first, veggie pasta with onions, asparagus, basil, roasted garlic, homemade pesto, and rosemary asiago on the top. So good!  Perfect combination of flavors.  I love roasting garlic and it's super easy:  peel the outer skin, cut the tips off the top of the cloves, rub the whole thing in olive oil, put a little piece of foil over the top, put on a baking tray, and bake for half an hour.  When it's done, pop the garlic (carefully) out of the remaining skin, and eat whole or spread on bread or crackers!

And here's our little plate of veggies from the fridge, Kashi crackers, and hummus.  Fresh, healthy, and perfect for patio dining.

Another plate of veggie pasta- same as the last, minus the basil and asparagus.

Here's our first plate of yumminess from the farmers' market:


We got rosemary baguette, chives, sheep bleu cheese, and peppered smoked trout.  The onions were ours.  It was so phenomenal!  The cheese was very strong, but like nothing I've ever tasted and the trout was fantastic.  This was the kind of meal I could eat every single day.  

The next day Mark made these little sandwiches with the leftovers, plus other stuff in our fridge.  We ate it midway through my gardening rampage; I was digging out old shrubs and tilling a huge chunk of garden.  What a perfect break from the heat!

And last, a plate of more food from the market.  Tomato basil pasta tossed in hummus with roasted garlic and chives.  Fresh potatoes with rosemary.  We got a giant plant from the market and I can't wait to continue cooking with it (and smelling it every time I'm on the porch!).

Yay for tons of cooking!  Hoping for another great week, and that the heat wave doesn't make standing near a stove too intolerable!

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