June 18, 2012

Home meals of the week #15

We were camping for a few days this past week, so most of the food I'm posting is outdoors, not at home, and some is pre-packaged, but I'll still consider it cooking since it takes more effort without a kitchen.  

Mark has this handy little camping stove that just attaches to a canister of propane and a pan sits on top.  It's been pretty useful so far this summer!

We made oatmeal (out of a package) for breakfast.  Yeah, not the most cooking effort, but totally yummy and simple before going out hiking.  Also, check out my camping dish set!  It's classic and perfect to take along on a little trip.

Veggie burgers with mushrooms and avocado.  Not my favorite meal.  I really like my spicy black bean burgers, so these didn't really do it for me.  Plus, I'm sort of mushroom-ed out and in addition to the ones on the burger, there were more in the burger as well.  Meh.

And some very classy outdoor cooking...

Gnocchi with mushrooms, basil, and onions, sauteed in butter!  A very impressive camping meal, in my opinion.  The gnocchi was actually much smaller than usual and had a clever little name to go along with it, but I don't remember it.  This was such an awesome meal.  Gnocchi is pretty much always great- I don't think I've ever not liked it. 

And once we were back to civilization we made pasta.  This was tri-colored veggie pasta, so healthier, perhaps?  We added sun dried tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, onions, and stewed tomatoes, but it was surprisingly tasteless.  Sort of a bummer, but the sweet potato fries on the side were great!

And now, I'll admit now, that I probably won't be cooking much over the next two weeks- it's all moving and packing, a music festival, job interview, and some other stuff.  In fact the summer may be a bit sketchy from here through late July with our festival and vacation schedule, so you'll be seeing more music and exploring!

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