June 05, 2012

Bella Fiore: what I bought.

So, this post will make it seem like all I did at Bella Fiore was shop, but I'm really just waiting on other people to post the pictures that I failed to take.  I did take some, but not nearly as many as I would have liked.  I danced and enjoyed some music, camped out while it rained, lounged in the sun, napped, socialized... pretty great weekend overall.  

1.  Sweater for Mark's new niece.  It's such great colors and covered in felt animals.
2.  Printed card by Phil Lewis.  I used to have a larger print of this and wanted to replace it, but it was sold out so I settled for this smaller version.
3.  Embroidered headband from the Chicken Thief.  This guy had the best merchandise ever and he picked it all himself.  He doesn't have an online presence and only does occasional festivals, but he is definitely worth checking out.
4.  Pins!  Mushrooms and Day of the Dead Storm Trooper.
5.  Purse, also from the Chicken Thief.  Great adjustable across-the-chest strap and detailed stitching.
6.  Yoda finger puppet... Chicken Thief again.
7.  Little stone dinosaur.  Had his twin a year ago, but broke it.  Looks like Little Foot.
8.  Peridot ring. You can't see it here, but it's the best.
9.  Printed disc from Phil Lewis.  For Mark.  To throw.

 Chicken Thief merch. 

Phil Lewis.

Dino and ring.  

And my Star Wars fare.

I really hope to post about the rest of the weekend soon!

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